The Artist's Way is a self-help book by Julia Cameron, written to help people unblock their creative talents and skills. It's most famous for introducing the idea of morning pages and the artist date.

When people ask me what I do, I usually answer, “I’m a writer-director and I teach these creativity workshops.”

The last one interests them.

“How can you teach creativity?” they want to know. Defiance fights with curiousity on their faces.

“I can’t,” I tell them. “I teach people to let themselves be creative.”

“Oh. You mean we’re all creative?” Now disbelief and hope battle it out.


“You really believe that?”


Julia Cameron, Introduction to The Artist’s Way

If you watch the video, Julia shares how she came to write The Artist’s Way. Newly sober, after giving up her addiction to cocaine and alcohol, she needed to find a new way to write.

A friend gave her a book by Ernest Holmes, written in 1934 called ‘Creative Ideas’. She was desperately trying to be ‘brilliant’, ‘memorable’ and ‘the best’. What she learnt from this little book was to write from a ‘spirit of service’ and that writing was a ‘spiritual practice’. She discovered that ‘We are larger, more spirited and spiritual than we know’.

Eventually she discovered her ‘toolkit’ that she would use to unblock creatives, namely morning pages, the artist date, walks, taking risks and letting the creative force write through you.

In 1991, someone gave me a copy of her book, The Artist’s Way. It wasn’t an easy process for me and at the time doing morning pages was particularly difficult.

However, recently I decided, with my friend Liz, to revisit it. Read more about our approach to The Artist’s Way and discover its power for yourself.

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