If you’ve never heard of The Artist’s Way, let me give you a warning. There is life before The Artist’s Way and life after The Artist’s Way.

Life before was for me, entrenchment in the cosy slippers of the familiar, life after was about taking more risks, having a go at those ‘silly’ ideas and donning a pair of the roller skates of the unfamiliar (which is far more fun).

I met with a friend once a week and we worked our way through an old copy of Julia Cameron’s book, reading it aloud (in a fake American accent) and discussing each chapter, before setting ourselves tasks to do for the following week. All of which was accompanied with lots of laughter, insight, several cups of tea and cake.

Instead of just writing in a journal, we decided to create an art journal where we could visually explore some of the ideas presented in Julia’s book with illustrations, collage and photographs. In a separate notebook, we attempted (!) to do the morning pages and came up with ideas for artist dates.

The original book is divided into a 12 week course that you can do either as a group or individually. We decided we wanted to share our experience with others and met with a larger group of about 15 people for six weeks. We created a mini version of the course, getting the group to complete a task on the night and one for their homework.

I recommend that you read the book. Many thanks to the author Julia Cameron for providing the inspiration.

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