I don't have the space to be creative, physically and mentally. This was something that cropped up in my morning pages. Here's how I overcame it. I created my ideal environment in my art journal.

First of all imagine your ideal environment. Is it in the town? Country? Or a big city?

Now that you’ve got an idea of your ideal environment, write about it in your journal.

Struggling to visualise your ideal environment? A useful way in is to think of your favourite season? Go through some magazines and find an image of this. You could also explore this theme in your morning pages?

My favourite seasons are spring and autumn. I love the colours and the feeling of change and transition.

I used these ideas for my artist date that week. I went for a walk and took photos of some of the flowers I saw along the way. I also collected images from magazines to use as a collage.

‘One technique that can be very reassuring at this point is to use your morning pages – or part of them – for written affirmations of your progress.’

Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way


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      • I felt like I wanted to retreat at the time that I created this page, so a shed in the woods was what came out. On a different day, something else would probably have been more ‘ideal’.

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