The artist date is another method, apart from morning pages, that Julia Cameron advocates as a 'pivotal tool for creative recovery'.

An artist date is a ‘sacred’ amount of time that you take once a week to do something by yourself that piques your interest. It should give you the feeling of adventure. It’s object is to ‘delight you’.

How much time should you spend? We are ‘cheap with ourselves’, so taking just 10 minutes isn’t enough. Allow yourself the luxury of at least an hour, perhaps two.

Why should I do this alone? You need to ‘defend it against all other commitments, interlopers and tasks.’ It needs to be a time that you nurture yourself, so having someone else there can be a distraction. Block out a time in your diary or schedule for this and guard it against other tasks and distractions.

If you are having difficultly in thinking of what to do on an artist date, you can work with your morning pages or see some of these other exercises to uncover ideas: music, birdsong, 20 ideas, buried dreams, ideal environment, imaginary lives, time travel

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