When there's no budget for new furniture, updating what you already have with chalk paints becomes an attractive option.

When I moved into my new apartment three years ago, I had little cash left over to buy new furniture as well. Discovering how easy chalk paints were to use enabled me to update my furniture at little cost and in a relatively short space of time.

Annie Sloan chalk paints are one of the best chalk paints I’ve used but they’re also on the more expensive side. However, considering how much they cover and that you only need one coat, it’s worth the price.

There are alternatives to Annie Sloan that are a lot cheaper. You could try a few testers first to see which one you like. Annie Sloan tends to be sold in smaller stores and boutiques, but the larger stores such as Home Depot and Hobby Lobby in the US have their own brands. Rust-Oleum is a well-known alternative too.

What’s great about using chalk paints is that you only need to apply one coat. If you are painting over pine, the knots from the wood will not show through and you don’t need to apply primer to the wood or to remove varnish first. This makes it a quick way to update furniture.

I used Paloma as a base color for my wardrobe as it’s a soft warm grey that complemented the blush pink of the paint I’d used on the walls of my bedroom. After applying Paloma as the base color, I used a dry brush to apply the Old White so that it highlighted texture on the raised details of the doors and the doorknobs.

I waited for the chalk paint to dry before applying wax with a soft cloth over the top. This seals the paint and provides some protection. I was very happy with the result and have since gone on to update other pieces of furniture.

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